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Fascinated by wildlife since childhood, I began studying cetaceans off the west coast of Scotland for my Masters degree in Ecological Management 20 years ago. After falling in love with the Hebrides, I spent many years living on the Isle of Mull, studying harbour porpoises and minke whales and guiding whale watching trips.

I have since worked as a researcher, guide, campaigner and consultant on a wide variety of marine mammal research projects, including visual and acoustic surveys in the Baltic Sea, photo-id of cetaceans in South Africa and New Zealand, and an aerial survey of the Great Barrier Reef. In 2012 I crossed the Atlantic on RV Song of the Whale conducting visual and acoustic cetacean studies.

I am a keen wildlife photographer, passionate about conservation, and have combined cetacean research with my love of guiding and sharing knowledge of the marine environment. 

I have led whale watching trips for Discover the World in Scotland, Iceland, Norway, South Africa and Greenland and spend three months every winter on Iceland's Snæfellsnes Peninsula, leading the incredible 'Orcas & Aurora' tours.

Between January and March, check out Láki Tours on Facebook to read about our latest sightings.

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